5 Essential Things Everybody Should Use to Avoid Coronavirus

It has been three years since Coronavirus has created a fearful environment. But staying in a complete lock-down is neither possible nor affordable now. You have to go out for your job and business-related activities. However, remember that your safety is important which largely depend on these 5 essential things. I always carry them wherever I go, and you should too.

Here they are;

1. Mask

This has become an important part of my accessories. If I forget this, I feel something is missing. However, more than that, it has been playing an important role as a protective shield against Coronavirus.

The irony is that still a lot of people are taking Covid-19 lightly and not wearing masks. For such people, all I can say is that costs only a tiny amount, but the Corona would cost you far more in addition to being quarantine. The choice is yours!

2. Hand sanitizer

Since the news of Coronavirus spread started coming, a hand sanitizer has become an essential thing in my bag. I use it every time when I touch anything at the office or in the market. Though I take care not to touch unless required, I sanitize my hands instantly after touching a surface.

For those not used to sanitizing or washing hands, I would say that start following this rule. If you are not comfortable with sanitizer due to skin allergy, there is an option. You can go for chemical-free and alcohol-free products like Zoono hand sanitiser. It is gentle to soft skins and yet effective in killing tough germs.

3. Pocket tissue paper

I wouldn’t want to catch the virus when somebody sneeze or cough. And the same thing others would expect from me. So, I always use tissue paper or handkerchief while sneezing or coughing. Also, when I go out, I keep a pack of pocket tissue paper with me so that I can use it when needed.

4. Goggles

As per the research, the Coronavirus can spread through the air also. So, apart from wearing a mask, I also ensure that my eyes are protected with goggles while commuting. Though we wear it daily as a protective or vision-correcting device for eyes, they are effective at avoiding Covid-19. So if you are not used to it, at least wear it when you go to public places.

5. Hand gloves

This tip may seem unobvious. But I prefer to wear hand gloves when I go shopping to ensure my safety since things at malls or shopping centres are touched by many other people. Also, remember not to touch your eyes or nose while wearing glows to avoid germs from reaching your face.


Governments are doing all they can, but our personal protection is our own responsibility. In this regard, I make sure that my face is covered with mask and glasses and I have tissue papers, sanitiser, and hand gloves in my bag. If you are already using these 5 essential things to prevent Covid-19, help spread awareness and encourage others by sharing this article.

Together, we can and we will overcome the pandemic. Take care and stay safe!

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